Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the work begins.

I think I showed you how John does his layout, with grass killer. And I might add it works well. But when he starts digging the fun begins. The shapes come to life, and we look like a well planned mole is engaged and working randomly throughout the yard. But there really is a plan.

The ground here in South Carolina is red, no it's not red clay, it's ground. But one thing is it's as hard as rock. So the process is slow, when doing it with a small tiller.

But now back to why John has this work the many areas of the yard at the same time. We call it recycling. We move dirt from one side of the yard to the other. From the square area, that will have two chase lounges for sitting in the sun, produced a lot of ground that we moved behind the grill. And so on and so on. The layers going back to the fence are for flowers. On the top row where the brown bark is showing lies the ivy. Oh ya, the hole with the frogs is going to be a pond. With the stream running from behind the sunning area. Wow, it seems so simple when I say it and long in the tooth when written.

More pictures to come. But for this week we are lucky to have my sister and brother-in-law with us and plan to show them the wonders of South Carolina.

God Bless all those who travel through my little world called Balsam Ponds By Design.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Send love for pet loss.

Yesterday I spent time designing a dog sympathy card, while John was out in the back digging more holes. Tomorrow I am going to post an updated picture of the work going on in the back yard. However, it's a long way from done.

But today is sympathy card day. I am proud of this piece, mostly because often while designing, I loose my way and find myself wondering how the card will be finished. The point is always the finishing mark on each card.

The main piece here are the hearts. One heart didn't do it. After about an hour and may heart tries, I did two hearts and it made the card. Just thought you would like to know even creative people get stumped. But the will to create a great card always wins and I never quit.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thoughts for today.

I know that fear of the future freezes your daily activities and often you only do what you have to. But really this is the time you should surround yourself in things that take your mind off your fears.

Easier said then done. Even though I was busy, I found myself drug back into my thoughts. And even though I wanted to write a blog, I feared that what I did fear would come true if I wrote it and sent it into the blog world.

Silly that I couldn't trust you with my inner fears. I am now sorry for that, you followers have always given me the space I need to say what I need and than smile when I am back to smiling myself.

I can tell you that there is a smile back on my face. John is coming around with his health and we are still working out what went wrong. And guess what the back yard is taking shape. Yes, due to John's ability to dig and move ground. He is back and so am I.

God Bless those who travel through my little world here on Blogspot.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You warm my heart.

I don't think words are always needed when warm wishes are given so freely from all my friends here on the blog. Today we went to the heart doctor. His words were kind and clear. John's heart was not in trouble and his lungs were clear. This still doesn't answer the question of his breathing but the doctor is sending us to lung doctor and maybe it has more to do with allergies than anything else. We pray that will be the answer. He has been better since the humidity went down and that is also a good sign.
I thank you for the prayers and thoughts. Prayer to me is so powerful and understand that it's not always the answer you want but an answer you can deal with.
And we have gotten the answers that give us the next step. But learning his heart is strong and lungs are operating as they should for a younger man means we have learned to live and live better the last 12 years.
So in closing God is great, and those who believe are powerful.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old Birds have to Celebrate too.

What's more fun than giving your friend something to laugh at? I also love the use of fall colors. I don't have a lot to say due to my husbands health and not knowing what it is yet but I thought you would love this card.

God Bless those who visit my little world

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When did it happen?

When did we look at each other and know what was lurking in each others head. What not to say, what to avoid and when to speak up? When was it that I found myself in him and him in me? When does it occur to you that you could lose the one you love?

For me, the relationship with John has slowly grown and with every breath I take he takes one with me. It's not only comfortable but loving. Is it boring? Sometimes it occurs to me that we have little to talk about, but on the other hand it's wonderful. Sitting on the porch, having ice tea and we are so comfortable with each other. We can shut the world out or we can talk about it. It's up to us at the moment.

I haven't been writing much lately because of health issues for my husband. John has had heart issues for years. And right off the bat we decided his heart had taken a down swing and we would do what was needed. That wasn't the issue. And unfortunately we still don't know. It's really hard on a strong man with vitality and than within weeks he losses some of that strength. We can't deal with something we don't know where it is in his body or what it is.

Prayer has been my outlet and I have to say, answers come from the world around you if you listen. That's what prayer gives open mind. Maybe not answers but thoughts and maybe thoughts will lead to answers. John and I are now once again filled with hope that we will find the answers and move on.

God Bless those who travel through this little blog.