Friday, September 24, 2010

Send love for pet loss.

Yesterday I spent time designing a dog sympathy card, while John was out in the back digging more holes. Tomorrow I am going to post an updated picture of the work going on in the back yard. However, it's a long way from done.

But today is sympathy card day. I am proud of this piece, mostly because often while designing, I loose my way and find myself wondering how the card will be finished. The point is always the finishing mark on each card.

The main piece here are the hearts. One heart didn't do it. After about an hour and may heart tries, I did two hearts and it made the card. Just thought you would like to know even creative people get stumped. But the will to create a great card always wins and I never quit.

Have a great weekend


  1. Beautiful card and so thoughtful too.

  2. Very Creative!