Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where we started.

I will doing a little photo trilligy.  We started working on the front yard this year. I mentioned it in my previous post. 

When we bought the house in 2009 we saw it as a work in progress. As John said, "it has potental".  And you know what, he was right I could see it too. John has been designing yards for all sorts of homes but in the foothills of South Carolina hid a new challange. What a hill.  I kinda thought of the bates hotel. giggle, not really.

So here is the original look of the house.  We started working on the back right a way, but realized that working in a neighbor hood had it's problems.  We had to work fast and continuous so that everyone looking at our yard would not get tired of the look under construction.  We loved what we had done in the back and learned so much about the environment we moved into.  Will talk more about that as we go on. 

November of 2009

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