Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another step forward to paradise.

Look at our newest accomplishment.  Our vegetable area is ready to grow some really great cucumbers, green beans and peppers.  Last year the weather turned hot really early and our plants didn't have the time to develop.  The end results was not very good produce.  But we have changed the ground, the watering system and the plants sun time.  We are looking forward to the summer.

 Our next project is to add entertaining area.  Check in to see how that looks. As always, God bless you and yours. 


Monday, February 13, 2012

If I ate only chocolate.

The other day John gave me roses and chocolate for Valentine's Day. As I opened the bag of chocolate and the beauty wrapped candies fell out into the bowl, I started to think of living on chocolate. Now don't get me wrong I don't eat pounds of chocolate, nor am I addicted.  So an intervention will not be needed.

If I would do this, would my skin turn bronze from too much chocolate, like my friend who ate nothing but carrots and her skin turned a strange color of orange. Would I give off a scent of chocolate, like people who eat curry in everything.  Would that be so bad?

Would death by chocolate be a bad ending.  My mind wanders as I eat the soft, smooth, soul soothing little piece of heaven. Heaven, there is another thought. But enough for now, I need to get another piece of chocolate and heat up my cup of tea.

God Bless you chocolate lovers.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's go John

Everyday I go out to see if the sun is out.  My shadow, lately, has been non-existent.  The temperatures cooler and my ambition low.  The other day John and I got to working.  He decided we didn't need the sun or warm weather.  I'm not sure, I'm a southern boy, I need the sun and warmth.

Winter isn't my favorite, I love to lay in the sun and nap.  When will it get hot, I know by my colors of my glossy coat you would think I would be a shade dog.  But not me, southern boys love the sun. 

Well enough for today, nap time the house, watching John work.  Boring.

As always bark to you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boring but needed.

I have to say that I love the results from painting, so everyone thinks I love painting.  The two are not related in my mind.  First of all I am too cheap to pay others, and as I found out, I'm pretty good at it. 

When I paint a room, it usually makes such a transition because I change the attitude of the room.  Because of that reason, I put off painting the kitchen.  This room is a dark room, that meant no powerful colors.  What to do, I needed to make a statement.  Well after a few months I decided a statement was not going to happen. However, a new paint job would make it a new room. 

Lots of work is needed in this room to make it ours, but it would also take a large amount of money, in which we are not ready to let go. So a paint job and dreaming of what could be done makes waiting worth the time.

God Bless those who read about my little blog.