Monday, February 13, 2012

If I ate only chocolate.

The other day John gave me roses and chocolate for Valentine's Day. As I opened the bag of chocolate and the beauty wrapped candies fell out into the bowl, I started to think of living on chocolate. Now don't get me wrong I don't eat pounds of chocolate, nor am I addicted.  So an intervention will not be needed.

If I would do this, would my skin turn bronze from too much chocolate, like my friend who ate nothing but carrots and her skin turned a strange color of orange. Would I give off a scent of chocolate, like people who eat curry in everything.  Would that be so bad?

Would death by chocolate be a bad ending.  My mind wanders as I eat the soft, smooth, soul soothing little piece of heaven. Heaven, there is another thought. But enough for now, I need to get another piece of chocolate and heat up my cup of tea.

God Bless you chocolate lovers.

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