Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life is full of surprises.

One of the things that brings balance to our lives is the growth of plants.  In the South heat and humidity play a huge part in plants growing fast.  Well, along with a sprinkler system and fertilizer.  Ok, that's a big part. 

With a lot of pride we watch our small yard grow.  One area we under estimated the growth was the grape vines.  We were hoping they would reach the top of the pergola by end of summer.  On July 19th they peeked out from the top supports and have been heading for the heavens ever since.

The disturbances in the universe seem to be lessened by gardens ability to change and with Mother Nature unrelenting heat and sun, it lives. With a little help from us. Just as the people that make me smile everyday, it helps me grow and weather the disturbances in my little life.

Feel free to share your little thing that makes you continue to grow.  So for today, that's my thoughts, God Bless and protect those who are suffering today. 


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