Thursday, April 5, 2012

What a line up

I told you that I love getting greeting cards and yes I make them. Maybe that's why I make them. Did you know that a single card sent to someone can change their day?  That maybe the time you took to send it made a difference.  That picking a card that matched the person is not a waste of time.   When I give a card to a person that is not expecting it and probably has never given a card to anyone, the look on their face is almost a gift to me. 

My birthday cards will stay on the mantel for a month, not that my birthday lasts a month but that everyday I am reminded of people that like me enough to send them.  I am truly blessed. It's not just birthday cards, it's every card we get.  My house is always dressed with card reminders of those who care.

Thanks to those who made my mantel beautiful and my heart full.


  1. I agree! The power of a card! You make beautiful ones. I just sent my niece a card and she wrote back to say how much it meant to her.