Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Peep Perk

On my birthday, John gave me two packages of peeps. He knows that it's my Easter favorite.  Unlike chocolate, birdie peeps are my favorite only during Easter. I don't understand peeps for Halloween etc.  But what I saw when I was drooling over the peeps, was the sugar free message.  Really, how can that be, what would they do, what is that yellow sparkly covering over the white wonderful marshmallow?

Turns out it's something I don't understand and my guess is it's bad.  Chemicals, really, I want real sugar if sugar is what I am going to eat.  When I first saw it I thought what is John thinking?  Does he think I should stop my sugar hits regarding peeps.  Well, finally I ask him and he never even noticed the sugar free info.  Love that man.  Never any underlying message from him ever. 

Happy Easter all you peeps.  May you celebrate Easter for what it is, not what goodies you get.

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