Sunday, May 30, 2010

Without you and others before you....

where would we be. I know in the depths of my heart...not free. Thank you for watching out and serving when needed.
God Bless America and those who serve.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When great is not great enough.

I fell in love. I wanted this welcome sign to put on the front of the garage. I bought it and ran home, or should I say drove home. I couldn't wait to put it up. Cardinals are my husbands favorite bird when it comes to color. As I placed it on the wall, I noticed there wasn't much contrast. But looked beyond it. Than one day, John said, "I sure wish there was more contrast".

That was than a project. I was going to recolor the flowers. Sunday, was the day, I figured after church was the best time. I would be inspired to create more beauty in the world.

I added a peach color to the base, with orange as highlights and brown as contrast. This is what it turned out to look like. What do you think? I think I was inspired and once again the creativity God gave me came through. Thanks God.

Have a great day to all my friends and God Bless.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is a crazy quilt?

This is also a post I did a year ago. But when I think of my crazy quilts I have left and how Mom loved us, the crazy quilt gives the most loving thoughts. I know that many of you don't know what a crazy quilt looks like. The picture below is how random each 12 x 12 block can look.

It's called a crazy quilt. Mom used these scraps of fabric left over from the clothes she sewed for us. With loving fingers she placed them on a 12"x 12" piece of white cotton which often came from a sheet that had served it purpose. From a box under the sewing table she would work her design from the colored scraps she had placed there bit by bit over the year. This was not a piece of artwork, rather a way to keep us warm over the long winter nights in Minnesota.

I never saw her do it, or ask her about the work it took to make one. She never ask for my opinion or require praise. I knew that I would be tucked into bed with one of those quilts. Gently placed over me and tucked in under the mattress. I would spend time before I fell asleep touching the fabric pieces and trying to figure out who I saw wear the outfit in which the bulk of the fabric was used.

I don't know why, but a quilt whether it was a crazy quilt or one of her patterned quilts, it always felt warmer than a blanket. I know that the love she put into the quilt often remained there waiting for me or someone to crawl under and feel her love. Now that she has gone home to her Father, I find myself realizing how secure it felt to have the quilt over me. But mostly how blessed I was to have HER as my mother.

Mothers are truly God sent.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

To all you hard working mother.

I posted this over a year ago, in time for Mother's day, and today I still feel the same. She was amazing, she wasn't a mommy type and yet she loved us and worked with us with no help and no money. She was the partner to the farming man. She ran the house, and my dad worked the farm.

I realized that her having eight children must have at times driven her crazy. However, with each day and every challenge she made it work. We knew we were loved, some days tolerated, but mostly loved.

I think of us as a crazy quilt because each are so different and unique, just like that piece of fabric that she would use in her quilts. Often she would have to use her creativity and make the pieces fit. At times the challenge must of seemed overwhelming. Mom started being a mom at age seventeen, she died when she was 91years of age.

She was relentless when it came to her family. Often at her wits end she would pull all the crazy pieces together and sew them into that 12 inch square and set them aside to look back on them as a challenge survived. Or maybe a time she when something wondrous took place and felt that we were a finely designed pattern.

When all was said and done, the quilt was magnificent. During her last journey of six months she could see the crazy quilt in every one of us as we visited her. This was her final masterpiece. The quilt was beautiful. We were the best work she had ever done.

When you come to your end on this earth you will see that the love you gave to your family and friends will be the quilt of your life. Make sure your quilt is the best it can be.

God Bless my family and those who love me.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More than just my husband.

The other day, while working at my part time job a gal was telling me that she has a wonderful husband. Not because his title was husband but because he was such a great guy. He loved her without thinking of every little difference. He gave her all of him.

Her thoughts were so simple and so easy to understand. Why, because I have a husband just like hers. After 23 years, we continue to grow in love. In our case it's because we don't take each other for granted. We work at our marriage. Sometimes it's a little harder but than we are worth it. I know him and he knows me.

When we lost Timber, I realized that he got over the loss so much easier than I did. But he understood me enough to give me time to heal. This is truly the reason he is such a great husband. He took time to know me and when times are rough, he knows what to give me. I hope you all have this kind of love. Remember this is not gotten overnight, this is from practice. And practice makes perfect.

God Bless all those who travel through my little blogger world.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great Grandfather Card

This is something ordered by a dear friend. This first time great grandfather deserved a card to let him know he is thought of. Card was done with a male look. Let me know how you like it.

Have a great Tuesday. I am still getting used to my part time job. So a little slow at adding posts. We will call this card day. Giggle.