Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Girls View

Ah yes, the trip, well I have to say it was an experience. Mostly because when the guys were packing our things in what I called a "too small truck." I looked at my house and than the truck and doubted every box that went into it. However, I never looked in fears of seeing what they were doing. Alas it was done and the doors were closed. They accomplished all except for the plants. The new owners said they loved the plants and would take care of them.

Our trip was around 1200 miles, and all the way this is what I had to look at. I knew the words by heart. Timber and I were in the follow car. John by himself was driving the truck with the 42 inch flat screen beside him. I think he rather liked it. We used walkie talkies to communicate and remark about the beauty of the trees.

When we arrived I wanted to take a picture of the open truck, but as I am inexperienced at camera care, I couldn't find it. The funny thing was that it was in the glove compartment of the car. Humm maybe I'm better at camera care, just lacking in memory.

Have a great day I am.

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  1. So glad your trip was safe and all of your belongings made it safe and sound. Quit reading the truck arses isn't healthy for you. ha