Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

As the rain falls and the world around me is quiet, it gives me time to think about the real meaning of the 4th of July

I enjoy the freedoms as our for fathers planned.  As always the nation is in flux, that was part of the plan. Ideas come and ideas go with little fanfare.  However, the great ideas grow and expand with great anticipation.  We are a nation of many cultures making everything possible. 

With respect to all, and a giving heart, America is still wonderful. This was all made possible for those who have fallen, injured and those who come home with the fight in their mind and heart.  To those we give thanks.  With the right to speak what we believe and to respect those we don't agree with is what our nation is built on.  I remember my parents say..."We agree to disagree"  this is a great way to accept those with different opinions.  It's ok to disagree. 

Again this is what our nation was built on.  Keep your hearts open and mind active at all times.  You are part of our nation, you are part of the success. 

God bless you if you visit my little world.

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