Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lent, I made it creative.

I have to say that Lent this year has been more challenging than ever before.  I realized a week into Lent that my so called "outline" for my lent story was a little amiss.  Remember my saying that the soul was not just a glow resting in our bodies like the heart, it is everywhere in our body. Just as the heart pumps the blood our soul pumps hope.  When I  spent more time thinking of this, I felt I needed to add to my Lent challenge feeding my soul, and hopefully fighting my mind.

So, I took a breath asking the soul what it needs?   It's reply was to feed it well. I remember a story about an Indian Chief talking to a young boy, he told the boy that he had two wolves in his body, one evil and one good. The boy ask which one is stronger, the Chief said looked at the boy "the one I feed"  I know the story is maybe not told as it was written but I know you get it. 

Back to my plan.  Then I will feed the good in me and not the bad.  I decided to say thank you for two things that made each day good.  That may seem easy, however, I can never repeat the blessing. I started to see things different when stepping outside my usual thought pattern.  One day it was someone saying something wonderful that they may not have noticed.  It was a talk with my sister-in-law, about family.  They will never know what they did for me.  However, I realized that it happens more than two times a day.  And my soul has something to fight my mind with. I am blessed.

I will write soon again. Working hard to be a better person.

God Bless those who love one another.

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