Thursday, October 25, 2012

She's back and ready to play.

I am so excited, Carol is back to the human I love.  It's been hard on my pal, John and myself. My job has always been to take care of them. 

Keeping John occupied while Carol made the job change was truly my top priority. Chasing balls, helping him pull weeds, and being in Johns face became a full time job. Carol made the decision to leave her job at Kohl's and start at Home Depot. She gave Kohl's a two week notice, I hear it's the right thing to do, but at the same time Home Depots request that she start computer training so that when she was done at Kohl's she would go on the floor and start her new job.  She thought it would be easy, however, she was overly tired and it really heightened our concern. 

I went into my well thought over plans, mostly as I slept on my platform in her studio,  I need to just love her. No demand for her to play, but letting her know I love her.  One thing I have always been good at is crawling on her lap and making her take a nap. She hates naps.  But I was really successful. 

I am getting used to her schedule, but find both John and Carol so much more relaxed.  Today I went to daycare, it was their gift to me.  I played with 50 dogs and made new friends.  The moral of this story is love is all it takes to make my humans happy.  I am so puppy blessed. 

Yours truly,

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  1. Austin! Thank goodness you were there for Carol and John to see them through this transition. You can come over here and nap on my lap any time!