Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm Back...

Wow, I miss this place, it's my little haven away from real world. It's where I place my thoughts and often my feelings. So you wonder where I have been? I have to say, I have had a great time. This year we've had lots of family company; for weeks at a time. I also can say that I wasn't used to having company this much.

When you have so much company, you find yourself immersed in that world. The real world, not like the one that is often quiet and uneventful. I usually have time to think of my virtual world or journal. I come up with ideas and as the day goes on, it gets better or it's a post you never see.

I think what I am saying is that even if I missed this virtual world, it was nice to have loved ones that after a week of being with me....still loved me. As most of you know, I never lack in words and for that reason, often not only wear my husband out but my guests. Maybe I am growing up or they are more tolerant. Whatever the situation, it was a blast.

I have lots to show you, our garden is growning and our new project is going smooth.

God Bless ya'll


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  1. I have been so far behind in my reading too, so I am glad you are back and so am I (off and on). Summer is so busy here for me too. Love that flower shot!