Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Big Week

I am sorry for not getting to write more but last week was huge. We sold both of our vehicles, and replaced it with a new Taurus, than bought a house in South Carolina. It was full of ups and downs. John flew out to South Carolina to do the final drive around on houses we had picked out through That by the way is a really great site to find homes.

The funny thing is that the house we bought was not on our list. The realtor Jack said he had one that he thought was still for sale. John saw the nice porch with the two rockers, one of my favorites and went after it. The house is one level except for the garage and the bonus room, waiting to be my art room. So you can imagine how tired we were after all the changes and yet working our jobs and packing.

But it is going so smoothly we can hardly believe it. By the way the yard is fully fenced and yet when Timber sits on the deck she will be able to spy all. And with time we will sculpt the yard to make it that little piece of heaven we will always call balsam ponds.

God Bless all that travel through my blog.


  1. congratulations on finding your new home. It is really cute, but I'm sure you'll make it even better. can't wait to see the pictures. moving isn't much fun, but it looks as though you are a pro at it. have fun decorating.

  2. Congratulations on the new looks adorable and I can't wait to see your new Balsam pond. xx

  3. Glad the move is progressing well.
    We're planning on downsizing in the the next 2 years and finding an environment that meets our needs plus 2 wonderful hounds is no easy task as our current home is great, but too large now.
    Thanks for your insights on this huge transition.

  4. So happy the move is going well. I know you are looking forward to making this lovely new place a home. Hugs!!! Katherine

  5. Good for you! But it is all stressful, I am sure. Even good things are still stressful!
    Take care of yourselves. Your new house looks wonderful, we will be waiting to hear all about it and to see pictures of the inside!