Thursday, June 27, 2013

Who's idea was this?

When looking at blueprints there is always an area you feel unsure about.  Often we look over it, but when the house is built it sticks out.  When we walked out the front door, this area gave us a chill. 
February 2013
Why didn't the just extend the deck, or maybe just build it up with soil.  Oh well, it was ours now.  They had planted a bush, however it never grew.  We took out that bush and the ones in front of it. 

What we decided to do is put in levels with plants that didn't need much attention. 

This is what we started with  it looked better without the bush and debris. 

June 2013
This is what we decided to do. The retaining wall material was taken from all parts of our yard.  Didn't like the color but was usable for this wall.

We planted mongo in the back row. These need very little work and stay green all year round.  Annuals in the front two rows.  We will plant pansies and other winter plants to continue color all year round.

This was truely a problem area and we made it beautiful.  This is what keeps you going.  Turning something into something special. 

I hoped you enjoyed the story
God Bless those who travel through my little blog.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't fence me in...forget that.

This is house looked a month ago.  We finished the fencing and moved on to flowers.  However, as you can see that's a picture for the next post.  Nature makes changes so fast that it's hard to keep up with the change.

You've heard people say that they can sit on the porch and watching the grass grow. That's how fast plants grow  with love and fertilizer.  We are in love with every day and every change.  Nature is wonderful and I thank God for giving me the life I live and the talents to make our world so colorful. Tomorrow I will show you a challenge we pondered over for a long time. 

God Bless those who follow my little blog. 

Late May

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Bushes must go..

When I heard the words...the bushes must go, I really had to swollow deep. Even though the bushes were overgrown, they were alive and green.  But John has always known what he is doing, so I smile and said do it.

Two years ago we added a dog wood tree and a small retaining wall on the street with azalia bushes and roses.  It was time to remove the bushes along the garage and porch. 

When done I was surprised how beautiful the crape myrtle tree looked. It had been cut back, for a it's health.  Now it was a huge assest to the house.  This was going to be fun, yet a lot of work.  This was how the house looked early winter.

Spring 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where we started.

I will doing a little photo trilligy.  We started working on the front yard this year. I mentioned it in my previous post. 

When we bought the house in 2009 we saw it as a work in progress. As John said, "it has potental".  And you know what, he was right I could see it too. John has been designing yards for all sorts of homes but in the foothills of South Carolina hid a new challange. What a hill.  I kinda thought of the bates hotel. giggle, not really.

So here is the original look of the house.  We started working on the back right a way, but realized that working in a neighbor hood had it's problems.  We had to work fast and continuous so that everyone looking at our yard would not get tired of the look under construction.  We loved what we had done in the back and learned so much about the environment we moved into.  Will talk more about that as we go on. 

November of 2009

Thursday, June 20, 2013

You know you've been gone too long...when

Asian Tiger Lily
I supposedly changed my password, and don't remember doing it.  That really proves my lack of attention to my blog. The truth is my life has seen change.   To most it's just life, to me it's blessings.

I started last year in August with Home Depot.  Since than I have settled in and felt comfortable with my choices.  I was not being misused or abused, by saying yes all the time.  I think I have finally grown up.  I love working and the people and events that happen with a job are less stressful than in the past.  Love it. 

I started to do more SEO on my Etsy site. Finding it enjoyable and time consuming.  However, the work has payed off and more sales have come my way. Meeting great creative people as I travel through the other stores in this virtual shopping center. 

Of course our work on our yard has been huge.  We moved to the front yard and have pictures to show.  I am still blessed with healthy family and friends.  For today, I am showing a picture I took in the new garden. I hope you enjoy the beauty that God gives us in little things.

Missed my blog journal a lot, it's good to be back.